Saturday, February 6, 2010

Comment4kids and podcast


My student Sidney was talking about a sleepover that her class had at school. She said they played games with people all over the world. They played Wii with Sweden, and her Sweden team won. They VC with Scotland, Thailand, Wales, Hamilton, Philadelphia, Australia, Hawaii, and Winnipeg. She also mentioned that they went Geo caching in the dark, and I guess they did the Thriller dance as well.

My comment to Sidney's blog was, "Hey, spending the night at school must have been fun. I think that I would have loved to do that too. You all must have had fun playing all those games, but it is even more impressive that you did it with all those people from around the world. I wish I could have done that when I was in fifth grade."


I went to the blog about "The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom." This podcast talked about how podcasts are effective ways of interacting with students outside of the classroom. Students today are living in a time when podcasts can be used as learning devices. I liked how teachers can help students learn by having podcasts of stories that they are studying in the classroom. The students can now learn their story anywhere they go. I also liked the idea of teachers uploading their discussion on the internet, so when students are sick, they can listen to their teachers' lectures at home and not get behind. Students who have gotten the chance to do a podcast are more technologically advanced.

This podcast or may I say vodcast because it was a video, was very well put together. He used music and sounds to keep it interesting. I could tell that it was scripted. It told me a lot of information and ideas that I had not thought of yet. This video showed me that you could put many pictures and videos on your own video podcast to further your explanation of a subject.

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  1. Being able to catch up on a missed class through the use of webcams, vodcasts, and podcasts will be a very useful tool! I also like podcasts and vocasts that incorporate music and clips.