Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comment4kids #4

An auditorium full of students and every student has a laptop.

The blog that I commented on for this week was from Mrs. Kolbert's class. I had a post from Ryan. His topic was about why all students should be given a laptop in school. He went into description on how a laptop would benefit all students. His first main point on why students should have laptops was so they could play learning games on the computer, and they would learn things and also give the teacher a break from teaching. His second point was they could learn about technology with having a laptop. They could learn how to use by both reading the instruction manual that comes with the computer and just experimenting with the computer. The third point was blogging. Students could blog and learn things through blogging if everybody had a laptop. What I liked the most about this post was his last sentence "Having a laptop computer at school will make me as happy as a pig in a mud puddle!" and this was the picture next to it.

A picture of pigs in mud

My comment to this post was "I really enjoyed reading your post. It had some very good information, and you did a good job on persuading me on the idea that every student should have a laptop. I agree with you on every student should have a laptop, because education can be brought to higher levels.One of your main points was blogging. I do believe that blogging is a good idea for students, because it helps students improve on their writing skills. Thank so much for your information. You did a wonderful job."

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