Saturday, April 17, 2010

Comment4kids #10

The Treaty of Waitangi

This week on Comment4kids I went to Room 16's blog. I was assigned to Huelo-Ata's post.He had an animation on how the Maori and European people arrived in New Zealand. He also showed how they argued on who would leave the land. The 2 groups wound up signing a treaty, because it was going to help them live in the land together, Huelo-Ata stated.

My comment was "I thought your video was very good. I think you did good on the animation, but like the other Brittany said it was hard to read. I am very impressed that you made this animation. Good Job!"

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  1. You have read the message from Dorothy Burt about how important your comments are to the kids of Pt. England School.

    And the teachers as well!

    Well done.