Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inspirational Kids and Zax

The Zax
The first video, The Zax, was very cute. I can see how you can compare a teacher who doesn't want to continue to learn to a ZAX. A teacher must continue to learn about education and technology. Otherwise, the teacher will be stuck, and the world will build around them. I really enjoyed watching the video, because it made me fly back to my childhood. I agree that we do not need to be stubborn. We need to open our ears to listening to and accepting other people's ideas. That is how we learn.

Video PS 22

The video of PS 22 was amazing. I do believe students can be great examples to other students around the world and even to teachers. These videos and blogs show you how students can learn through showing their work to the world. I think that students should post their work, not to just get their work out there , but also to get feedback on their work so that they can grow as well. I think that students are always dreaming, imagining, and inventing. They are what is going to lead us in the future, so we need to help them grow as well. I was really inspired by some of these videos and blogs. I think students can learn from other student's work.

These are 5 examples of students inspiring others with their work.

This example was brought to me in my "Freshman Seminar" class. This video really touched me and really made me think of what an impact educators can make on students.
Ten Year old Speaker

Mrs. Cassidy's Blog
Mrs. Cassidy's class
This is Mrs. Cassidy's blog; this blog is used to show kids how to read and write. This is a great way to use technology as a learning tool.

The Endless Ocean Blog
Sea turtle
Endless Ocean is also another blog that has shown what students can do. This blog has an example of videos that students have made.

Dear Kaia
Kaia's Hand title=
Kaia's Blog This girl is going to inspire kids to do the same project she did. She will be getting kids outdoors more by following her lead.

Blogs In Education
This video shows why blogs are important.


  1. I had forgotten about Dalton Sherman's keynote. Should I use it next semester?

    And I had not seen the Blog video.

    A tip: the blog video is cut off on the right. If you change the last line of the code for the image in your post to read width="432" height="347" then it will not be cut off in your Blogger post.

    Try it.

  2. I thought Dalton Sherman's speech was very touching and makes you think of your impact on students. I think that would be a wonderful video to share.

    Thank you for your help on the code.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. There are teachers out there that really need to re-evaluate their teaching styles and accept change. I think the students are the ones suffering when a teacher refuses to change and adapt to new ideas. As for the PS22 video, I loved it! Those children really put their hearts and souls into singing that song and for Stevie Nicks to be touched by them singing her song says a lot! Great post!