Saturday, April 17, 2010

What Comes to Mind?

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This week, the assignment is to pick any topic that stems from EDM310. I thought, "What is the first thing that comes into my mind?" about this class. The first thing that I thought of was "Technology".

This class has shown me that we need to add technology to our class curriculum. I agree that technology will be a great resource in the classroom. I like the ideas of blogging and using skype. The only thing that I am slightly worried about is how fast technology is advancing. I am not sure that the stuff I am learning right now will be outdated when I graduate. I know the big thing is to keep learning. I agree we need to constantly be learning. That is just a job that a teacher takes when choosing education as a major. I just want to know how other teachers feel about all of the changing, and does the thought of technology changing so fast worry you at all? I do know that my students will be my teacher sometimes. They will have to show me things that I don't know, but I am prepared for that. I want to be one of the teachers who is able to incorporate technology into the classroom, and hopefully I will be in a school that will do the same.


  1. I agree with what you said about how technology is advancing and at a quick rate. By the time we all graduate how do we know that what we are learning now is going to relevant when we become teachers? We might use some of this stuff and it be outdated and our students look at us like we're crazy. Hopefully that won't happen, but technology is an advancing process and a quick one at that. We all need to be prepared for the changes. We need to open and accepting to our students teaching us new things.

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  3. I have corrected several minor errors, primarily misplaced "?" marks, and deleted the original comment.

    What are you worried about? That you will not know it all? You won't. That your students will know more than you? They will. That you won't be able to learn how to use the "newer technologies" that will arrive after EDM310? Actually, technology is constantly getting easier to learn to use. That you will not be able to afford it? The prices are falling every day. That your students will look at you like you are crazy (as Bliss said in her comment)? If you are willing to learn, as you say you are, and you engage in that learning, then what do you have to fear? You say "I am slightly worried about is how fast technology is advancing." Why does this worry you? And what do you really mean?

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