Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Survey

This is my survey I did Click Here.

My survey was about physical fitness. I had 20 questions and 65 responses.

My first question was "Do you exercise?". The responses came back with 57 people saying Yes, and 8 saying No. My next question was "How many days a week do you exercise?". The responses on this question was 6 said NONE, 31 said 1 TO 2, 22 said 3 said 3 TO 4, and 6 said 5 OR MORE. The third question asked was "How long do you exercise per day?". The response was 6 that said NONE, 14 that said 0 to 30 minutes, 21 said 31 to 45 minutes, 17 said 46 to 60 minutes, 7 said 1 to 2 hours, and 0 said 2 hours or more. The next question was "What is your favorite type of exercise?". The responses were that 10 said weight-lifting, 10 said step, zumba, kickboxing, 10 said yoga/pilates, 3 said cycling, 20 said running/jogging, and 12 said other. The next question was "When weight-lifting, which do you prefer?". The responses were 35 for free weights and 30 for weight machines. The following question was "Do you bring a partner when weight-lifting?". 27 said Yes and 38 said No. The next question was "What do you drink when exercising?", the responses were 0 said carbonated drinks, 61 said water, 4 said sport drinks, and 0 said fruit juice. "What time of the day do you prefer to exercise?", 11 said morning, 21 said afternoon, and 27 said evening. "Where do you exercise the most?", 10 said school, 28 said gym, and 27 said outside. "Why do you exercise?", 14 said health, 7 said athletics, and 14 said other things, such as "I enjoy it" and "Stress Relief". "Which do you prefer to run on?", 7 said track, 27 said treadmill, and 31 said outside. "Do you use the pool to exercise?", 26 said Yes and 39 said No. "When exercising, when do you eat?", 30 said before, 0 said during, and 35 said after. "What do you eat?", 27 said fruit, 13 said granola bars, 4 said health bars, 1 said nothing, and 20 said other like oatmeal,some type of carbohydrates. "Do you warm up before exercise?", 51 said Yes and 14 said No. The next question was "What do you wear when exercising?"; there was a wide variety of answers. "Have you been injured while exercising?"; 20 said Yes and 45 said No. "What did you injure?"; 42 said N/A, which is probably the No answers above, 1 said arms/hands, 4 said back, 12 said legs/feet, and 6 said "other" (such as knee). "What do you do while exercising?"; 11 said nothing, 1 said read a book, 0 said read a magazine, 6 said watch tv, 40 said listen to music, and 6 said other, (like talk to my friends and focus on meditation). "Have you noticed any changes in your health by exercising?"; 53 said Yes, 4 said No, and 6 said N/A.

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