Sunday, March 14, 2010

Comment4kids #6

A gray fox in a tree

This week on Comment4kids, I went to Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog. They had a lady named Mollie Hogan, who was from Nature of Wildworks. She came to their school and brought animals to show the students. While she was there, she told facts about each one of the animals. The first animal was the Macaw from South America. The beak on the Macaw is very strong; it can break a broomstick in half with one bite. The second animal was the Kestrel, which is a small falcon. The third animal was the barn owl. The barn owl has a heart shaped face and weights less than a pound. It is called the silent ghost, because this bird hunts at night. The next was Harris Hawk. These hawks are known to stack on top of each other on cacti. Then she brought out two brother ferrets. The kids said they were cute, but they had a malodorous scent. Then she brought an opossum. She said opossums will play dead and give off an odor when frightened. Another stinky animal was the skunk. The skunk got her scent gland removed, so she wouldn't spray. The last animal was the gray fox. The gray fox likes to hide in trees, and it was smaller than a little dog. They asked people to comment and tell them which animal they liked the best.

My comment was
"Hi Mrs Yollis' class,

I'm Brittany South from South Alabama. I am in the EDM310 class. I was assigned to come and read you all's blog. I really enjoyed the video of the animals. I liked many of the animals, but some I never heard of before like the Harris Hawk and the Kestrel.

I will have to say the gray fox was my favorite because it was so cute."

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