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My teacher for comment4teachers is Ann Carnevale

My first comment4Teachers
March 24, 2010
The title of the blog was Website Wednesday.

In this post, Ms. Carnevale talked about this week's "best of" websites that were helpful in teaching kids. She mentioned that she knows how hard it is to find media that is good educational material on Youtube,. so she told people to go to WatchKnown. It is a relatively new service that
has brought together lots of educational videos and multimedia from many different sources (not United Streaming), and organizes the content by approximate age level and topics.

She also mentioned a math website from Harcourt School Publishers. This site has math activities, organized by grade level, which are available for number sense, data analysis, probability,measurement, and more. The math site is Think Math.

The third site she mentioned was a great resource to spark writing. It was organized by grade level, and provided prompts that focus on character, plot, and setting. She said the intent for the site is for students to type their stories online, but you can also use it for a writing activity in class. The fun part about it is when the students spin the wheel to see what the prompt will be. Ms. Carnevale wrote a hint on this site to tell you to not forget to click the link for the Teacher's Guide. The writing site is Story starters from Scholastic

Another site was Spelling City. She said it is an online spelling practice site. Teachers or students can enter their word list into the site, and it will generate online practice games and tests, as well as some printable worksheets. Ms Carnevale said she doesn't know of many sites that wow her, but this one did because "it reads not only the spelling words to the students, but it also generates the word in a sentence, and reads the sentence as part of the online practice and test."

The last site she mentioned was Teachers Love SmartBoards. She said "this site is a blog full of ideas and links for using your SmartBoard. Each entry features teaching resources that can be used in the classroom, or tips and tricks for using the SmartBoard." She also mentioned to look at the links on the right side of the page.

My comment to her was "I really enjoyed this post. I am majoring in Elementary Education, and these sites will be extremely helpful. I am hoping to graduate in spring 2012. I will save these and continue to follow your blogs even after this assignment. I am grateful for you finding and sharing these sites. I really enjoy you recapping the sites especially since I just found your blog."

My second comment4teachers

March 29, 2010

In this post Ms. Carnevale gave tips and tricks about cleaning out computer files. She tells people how to look at the files without launching the program of the file. These steps are for Macs. 1. Click one time on the file. 2. Press the space bar on the keyboard 3. View your file! She said it's really as simple as 1,2,3! You can even scroll through multipage documents or keynote files. You can't edit the document until it's open, you can only look at it. If you want to open the document just double click on the preview and it will open in the application.
She also gave a hint that said "this trick doesn’t work for all file types. It will not work for KidPix, Kidspiration, Graph Club, and SmartNotebook files. It also won’t work with web shortcuts you’ve placed on desktop or in a folder. It may not work with older computers and laptops, but it works with all the newer ones!"

My comment to her was "This information can be very helpful. Can this also work on PCs or just MACs? I never knew you could do this on a MAC, but now that I know, I will pass it around."

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