Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comment4kids #7

A kid carrying a load of books with the word Homework across the bottom of the picture.

This week in my comment for kids I read an essay from Mrs. Goerend's class. My student was named Kelli. She wrote a persuasive essay about how kids should not have homework on the weekends. When we have a break from school, we actually need a break. If the teachers are given us homework during the weekend, it makes us seem like we are still in school. Kelli said that if you give us homework on Saturday and Sunday, you might as well keep us in school all week. She mentioned why we shouldn't have homework on Saturday and Sunday; she said that homework causes stress and takes away from time with our friends. She said that people might think that there is time after school to do homework, but many kids have athletics. She also mentioned that some teachers give too much homework.

My comment was "You brought up some very persuasive ideas. The main ideas were supported by facts. I agree with you on the ideas of homework being stressful. I really do not like homework on the weekends."

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