Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dad, Kaia, and Mr.C and class

Kaia's hand touching the ground

Intrepid Teacher: Singing Hearts and Kaia
The whole project of Kaia and her dad's adventure outdoors is inspiring. The idea of Kaia who is 3 going outside and enjoying taking pictures of random things and thinking they were beautiful is very inspiring. I wish everybody could look at something that is consider nasty like garbage and see that it was beautiful. I do believe that Kaia will be a example for future projects like this. I really do think students need to experience the outdoors more and stop staying in the house watching television and playing on the computer. The idea that her dad had about the fears of the internet is reasonable, but I hope it doesn't make him stop with this experience. The internet can be harmful, but being cautious and keeping a close eye on things will help from being so bad.

Mr. C's class blog: Dear Kaia: Voicethread and Video

The project that Mr.C and Class did was very thoughtful. I enjoy seeing other students inspire each other. I really respect the class for sending that video to Kaia because Kaia can't read at this age. That was a way to use technology for the good. I believe that Kaia really enjoyed seeing and hearing that. I also believe that you can use voicethread for kids who just haven't learn to read yet; this can also be used for students who have special needs such as having problems with reading.

In the end, these two posts show that technology can be used for learning and teaching. Students all over the world have gone to Kaia's blog and watched the video and have been inspired. She is only three years old and will probably lead other students to do projects like this on their own. We can post blogs and videos that will touch someone that is clear across the world and inspire them to do things that might reach out and touch another group. These days, information can be spread all over in a few minutes. This world has evolved, and we might as well use what has come to be.

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