Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Open Letter To Educators

Morgan Bayda

The points that Morgan Bayda brought up were very good. I have had some classes that are boring and I did not see how they would help me in the future. I had dreaded some classes so much that I wished that they were over even before they began. I do believe that we can get free information any time we want it. Why should we pay for something that we can get for free. He brought up the idea that the world is changing, so we must change with it. I have been saying that the whole year. The world has so much more now then we could have ever thought of. We can do so much more with computers than people could five years ago. The guy in the video was saying that soon kids will not want to sit in class because you can get the same information on the computer. Kids are learning some information now that will be useless in a few years. The guy in the video, Dan, said soon we won't need institutions to learn; we can use the computer.


  1. I know the exact feeling about wanting a class to be over with before it even began! It is kind of overwhelming when you learn something and like you said, in a few years will not even be relevant. Good Post!